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Engineering Merchandise 👕

I have finally launched a merch store where you can get some nerdy shirts, hoodies about Physics, Mathematics, Engineering and selected VisualizeIdea graphics. Make sure to check them out! Will add more designs over the coming weeks.

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Open Source ML Frameworks

This repository contains a curated list of awesome open source libraries that will help you deploy, monitor, version, scale, and secure your production machine learning.

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Made With ML - Free MLOps Course

Machine learning fundamentals and great MLOps lessons in one place! Check out this tweet for a quick summary of all the different topics they’ve covered.

OpenAI + Dota2

I have been playing Dota for over 10 years now and seeing this video gets me every time. Can’t wait to see what OpenAI brings in the coming years!

Upcoming Podcast

For the upcoming podcast I am very happy to welcome Alessandro Palmas to my show! Alessandro is an enthusiastic Aerospace Engineer, with a great passion for Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. He has more than 9 years of proven expertise in Software Development for Advanced Scientific Applications and Complex Software Systems.

Addicted to the Reinforcement Learning world, in particular to its applications in videogames, Co-Author of Packt’s Book “The Reinforcement Learning Workshop”, and creator of DIAMBRA | Dueling AI Arena (diambra.artificialtwin.com), a place where to watch RL Agents being trained to play videogames, and competing one against the other in Tournaments.

In this podcast, we talked about:

  • Reinforcement Learning 🧠

  • RL for fighting games 🤼‍♂️

  • The best resources to delve into RL 📚

  • AI vs. humans 🤖 👨

  • How to use the Diambra AI Arena environment 💻

  • Theoretical background on developing an AI fighting agent 📖

  • and much more…

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Book of the Week

The Reinforcement Learning Workshop

Get the book!

Starting with an introduction to RL, you'll be guided through different RL environments and frameworks. You'll learn how to implement your own custom environments and use OpenAI baselines to run RL algorithms. Once you've explored classic RL techniques such as Dynamic Programming, Monte Carlo, and TD Learning, you'll understand when to apply the different deep learning methods in RL and advance to deep Q-learning. The book will even help you understand the different stages of machine-based problem-solving by using DARQN on a popular video game Breakout. Finally, you'll find out when to use a policy-based method to tackle an RL problem.

By the end of The Reinforcement Learning Workshop, you'll be equipped with the knowledge and skills needed to solve challenging problems using reinforcement learning.

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