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ΦFlow - Open-Source Simulation Toolkit

ΦFlow is an open-source simulation toolkit built for optimization and machine learning applications. It is written mostly in Python and can be used with NumPy, PyTorch, Jax or TensorFlow.


Building a Chess Engine in Python♟️

Tutorial series for building a chess engine. This lesson will focus on building a version of the game chess, that is playable in your console using python 3!

NLP Course - Huggingface 🤗

This introduction to Natural Language Processing will guide you through setting up a working environment.

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Book of the Week

Understanding Aerodynamics: Arguing from the Real Physics

Based on the author's decades of industrial experience with Boeing, this book helps students and practicing engineers to gain a greater physical understanding of aerodynamics. Relying on clear physical arguments and examples, McLean provides a much-needed, fresh approach to this sometimes contentious subject without shying away from addressing "real" aerodynamic situations as opposed to the oversimplified ones frequently used for mathematical convenience.

Motivated by the belief that engineering practice is enhanced in the long run by a robust understanding of the basics as well as real cause-and-effect relationships that lie behind the theory, he provides intuitive physical interpretations and explanations, debunking commonly-held misconceptions and misinterpretations, and building upon the contrasts provided by wrong explanations to strengthen understanding of the right ones.

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