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10 Equations That Changed The World 📘

For one of my upcoming videos, I will work on 10 equations that changed the world. If you have any wishes for formulas or other suggestions, feel free to participate in this discussion on Patreon - you can also join the Discord community to discuss there!

jCODE: High-speed multiphase/multi-physics flow solver

jCODE is a high-performance Fortran-based multiphase/multi-physics flow solver. The code is capable of solving the multi-component compressible Navier-Stokes equations on structured curvilinear meshes using a class of high-order energy-stable finite difference operators.


Computer-Aided Design as Language - DeepMind Research

Computer-Aided Design (CAD) applications are used in manufacturing to model everything from coffee mugs to sports cars. These programs are complex and require years of training and experience to master. A component of all CAD models particularly difficult to make are the highly structured 2D sketches that lie at the heart of every 3D construction. In this work, DeepMind proposes a machine learning model capable of automatically generating such sketches.

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Computational Methods for Fluid Dynamics 💦

This book is a guide to numerical methods for solving fluid dynamics problems. The most widely used discretisation and solution methods, which are also found in most commercial CFD-programs, are described in detail. Some advanced topics, like moving grids, simulation of turbulence, computation of free-surface flows, multigrid methods and parallel computing, are also covered. Since CFD is a very broad field, we provide fundamental methods and ideas, with some illustrative examples, upon which more advanced techniques are built. Numerical accuracy and estimation of errors are important aspects and are discussed in many examples. Computer codes that include many of the methods described in the book can be obtained online. 

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