Hi friends, I am Jousef!

Oriental Pearl Tower (Shanghai)

I am a mechanical engineer from Germany creating educational content in the field of engineering, AI & neuroscience on my YouTube channel to educate people around the world - I also host a podcast called "Engineered-Mind" and visualise ideas & values on Instagram.

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I wrote my master thesis using AI for geometric deep learning & next step prediction. Plenty of you also know me as the Product Marketing Engineer at Monolith AI & SimScale also working with students, educators all over the world and creator of several trainings. One of my interests is deep reinforcement learning (DRL)!

sunday_science.sh is my first newsletter which is here to engineer people’s minds around the world and learn more about topics that are or are not part of their day-to-day life. It also represents a bit of my own journey and aims to inspire to start your own journey!

The main topics of this newsletter will cover:

  • Engineering - Learn about various engineering topics

  • Artificial Intelligence - Deep Learning, Machine Learning, Reinforcement Learning, AI Ethics and many more topics

  • Productivity - Which methods, devices or techniques you can use in order to 10x your output

  • Tech - Latest tech news and also showing you what tech gear I use

  • YouTube - I will inform you what videos i am working on, what guests I am interviewing and much more!

  • Career - Sharing career tips and other information I gather from my network exclusively sharing it with you!

The newsletter will appear every Sunday! Note that not every newsletter will cover every topic listed above, everything will be personally curated by me.

I also release at least one episode of the “Engineered-Mind” podcast every other week with the goal to engineer your mind and who knows, maybe one episode can change your life!

Early access to podcasts will be granted in the premium version of this newsletter (coming soon)!

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